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 Information on the Isles

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PostSubject: Information on the Isles   Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:13 am

The Moonshae Isles

Capital: Caer (pronounced 'care') Callidyrr

Population: 680,400 (humans 89%, halflings 4%, elves 3%, dwarves 2%, half-elves 1%)

Government: Monarchy

Religions: Chauntea (in an aspect of the Earthmother) among the Ffolk, Tempus among the Northlanders

Imports: Coal, horses, minor magic items, ore, parchment, silk

Exports: Armor, timber, weapons

Alignment: NG, N, NE

A cold cluster of rocky islands cloaked in mists and deep woods and sprinkled with abundant beats, bogs, and soaring mountains, the Moonshae Isles are shared by two dominant races of human folk. The northern section of the islands is dominated by seafaring Northlanders descended from raiders of Ruathym. A darker-haired darker-skinned human race known as the Ffolk, the islands' longer-term residents, control the southern part. The Ffolk thrive in a dozen petty kingdoms ruled over by a high queen.

In previous years the Northlanders and the Ffolk spent much of their time at each other's throats, particularly because of the Northlander's penchant for bloody raiding. The rise of High King Tristan Kendrick unified the two peoples of the Moonshaes. Tristan's daughter, High Queen Alicia, has held her kingdom together through the usual small wars between petty lords. Compared to the nations of the mainland Faerûn, the Moonshaes have enjoyed several decades of relative peace.
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Information on the Isles
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